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Maybe your image of a library is a staid brick-n-mortar edifice populated with millions of dusty tomes and lots of bespectacled bookworms called librarians. At least that’s the way cartoons always portray them…

I was honored recently to be asked to facilitate for an enthusiastic group of library professionals my workshop called “Blogging for Professionals.” Terry Pasadyn, the director of the Continuing Education department of the Cleveland Area Metropolitan Libraries reuqested the program after she saw my class on blogging listed in the Cleveland State University catalog.

We had a lively and highly interactive session discussing things such as what’s a good topic for a library blog. Interestingly, one participant had already instituted her own blog, called, where blogger Christine Borne listed some of the subjects participants decided would yield good material.

And this in from another participant…Dave Dial says check out this site good for novice bloggers. And congratulations, Dave! Your new blog created from the novice RSS site is pretty cool.

Libraries are coming of electronic age. Have you been to yours lately to see what’s up?

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