Dream and do

Three different amazing new telephones are profiled in the Continental magazine this month. One has a foldout keyboard you can type email on and all the functions of a PDA. Another lets you record and capture video, forgodssakes. Remember–Q, was it?–the guy who gave James Bond all the incredible gadgets? Used to be that if you lived long enough, you’d get to see the science fiction stuff eventually come to reality.

Nowadays, you don’t have to live very long at all for the same thing to happen. What’s dreamed of in a movie one year can be in production and available at your local Sharper Image a year later. And a year after that, your teenage kid can afford to buy one for himself and one for his girlfriend at the local WalMart. Pretty amazing to see the living embodiment of the old guru’s saying: whatever you can dream, you can do.

That’s encouraging news for today’s bumper crop of entrepreneurs. As the sea changes continue to wash over our economy–the very way we do business is being transformed–more and more people of all ages are being challenged to find their own ways to earn a living in this world. It’s scary. It’s exciting. It promises increasing diversity of ownership for successful ventures of all kinds.

And honestly, I don’t know what part blogs might play in all this, but it’s a sure bet they’ll be in the toolbox of some of our incipient business gurus.

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