The new frontier

I’ve said it before. Yes, these are historic times indeed.

I liken our time to the pioneer days of the old west–we all arrive at the base of the Rocky Mountains with our crappy bedraggled covered wagons and worn out horses and moan, “Now, what are we gonna do?!” Nowadays, it’s like this: we all arrive–each of us in one of various states of emotion: some forlornly, some kicking and some breathless with joy–into the ranks of the formerly-employed with our crappy worn-out briefcases and our frazzled corporate selves standing in the shadows of giant mountains everywhere around us marked “No jobs” and “Outsourcing” and “Global competition” and wonder…now what are we gonna do?

This is the worst of times and the best of times–like every generation. Calls for re-prioritizing, calls for letting go, calls for diving into the limitless pools of our own creativity to come up with ‘what we’re gonna do now.’

Every generation has bemoaned the changes it must face. In our case, we have a lot more to bemoan since the speed of change has risen to a murderous pace. But the good is always there, too. We’ll find the way.

And speaking in our true voices will help us guide each other. That’s what blogs are all about.

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