Blogging Out

Is there a line between “pure” blogging and that which is conducted in the name of business? For example, does a personal blog become a sellout if it accidentally promotes the author’s business? What about on purpose? Is this a ridiculous distinction? Is there a difference between “blessing” a product or service or person and “advertising” in a blog? Are they mutually exclusive?

These are questions faced long ago–and often–by members of the traditional media. Witness the age-old feud between journalists and those who practice the fine art of public relations as to who is “pure”–and therefore more blessed. I wrote in my personal blog today about the dilemma many organizations face finding funding–does support from big conglomerates qualify as “selling out” in all cases? Is there a line?

For this discussion I think a couple of points are critical. One: making a living for oneself and/or one’s employees is in and of itself an honorable pursuit. Two: Deceiving or hoodwinking people about what you’re doing is never an honorable course of action.

So it comes down to this: former U.S. President Jimmy Carter lusted after other women in his heart. Why did he bother to say this? Because he understands that intention is everything. He was trying to say that he was at least as guilty as Bill Clinton (unknown at the time) and John Kennedy who actually engaged in their lusts. Quantum physics tells us that intentions are as powerful as any physical action for creating change in the world. Thus, if you mean it, it’s already happening in some sense.

All the more reason to blog for your business. If you are pursuing the work that you were meant to do, promoting your business is as sacred an activity as any you will ever do. Keep all your highest principles in mind as you promote–and you will be successful.

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