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Rest changes one’s perspective slightly. Real rest, mind you. Not the 3-days-at-the-ski-lodge variety. The at-least-one-week-totally-away-from-all-business-related-stuff kind. Talked to a client today who said, you sound so relaxed you might even be horizontal. I said, yeah, I feel pretty darn calm.

What a nice way to start off a busy week. Immediately after I finally turned the computer on (it was a fight to end the rest time) discovered my DSL was out–no access to the Internet. After a couple of hours of troubleshooting, got in and discovered my associate had been unable to access my email. One thousand six hundred and thirty-eight emails sitting on my host server–and the delete function there wouldn’t work. Had to download all 1638 of them and spend my Sunday afternoon-into-evening culling out the meaningful ones and deleting the rest.

Then when I tried to put together the rolling computer table I bought a couple of weeks earlier (that had arrived the day before I had to leave), I discovered that one of the major pieces was bent seriously out of shape. The thing–after 90 minutes of working to set it up–was unusable. Sigh.

That’s okay. Some great clients are ready to go with more projects. And I’m able to get started helping with a cool volunteer project for a worthy cause.

I’ve discovered I shouldn’t underestimate the power of rest to provide new strength and calm in the face of the usual “stuff.” Hey, it’s almost 11 o’clock and Barry White is singing on the radio. I’ll be back to normal soon. ” ))

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