Spreading like wildfire

The mainstream press (Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Chris Seper and Chuck Yarborough are just two local examples, and then of course there’s Chris Thompson at CrainTech) have joined the blogging frenzy. The old saying, if you can’t beat ‘em… Now a local professional association for IT people has done so: the Akron chapter of the Northeast Ohio Software Association (NEOSA), at the capable hands of Anita Campbell (one of our original blog case studies has become a blogging entity. Check it out here.

You know, when some of the smartest people in business start using blogs for everything they’re involved in, there’s no way you can ignore the tool. Just remember–as a very wise and successful business friend said today–I want to be sure I can keep the content fresh and lively and not turn it into just another marketing tool.

Well said, Drew (EYEMG – Akron). We know it will be a top-notch place to visit once you make the decision.

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