Pay in–and reap the reward

Upon my having missed a few days…

If you’re a small business owner who gets very busy, you might find it tough to keep your blogging up. Once in a while your readers won’t mind. But as one personal blogger said, once you’ve missed this many times, it gets easier to miss that many times, and pretty soon you’re out of the habit.

Don’t let that happen to you. Assuming your blog contains valuable information (most of the time) or at least interesting reading, once people have begun to recognize and trust you for it, many of them will come to rely on you. What a compliment! You owe it to your readers–who either already are your customers or are people you hope will become your customers–to deliver what you set them up to expect.

Even when it’s tough, find a way. Whether it’s a blog or a newsletter or other regular communication, keep it up. It’ll pay off–just like putting money in the bank.

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