Blogging in the news–and at school

John Battelle, writing for Business 2.0, describes a critical attitude of today’s successful business professionals:

“People who have strong and well-informed opinions command respect and become influencers; they win deals, drive decisions, and ultimately determine the fate of companies. The thirst for high-end business information — the kind that makes people feel like influencers — has created a $15 billion professional publishing market in the United States alone. “

Very true. The lightning pace of change in our world makes constant/instant learners of all of us. Most of us don’t have time to scan even just the major business publications, let alone learn all the new software and keep up with developments in our industry.

But the most interesting part about Battelle’s article is the headline: Why Blogs Mean Business. His cogent observation: “…blogs work because people have something to say and others find what they say valuable.”

That’s what it’s about. You have value to offer. The people who need what you offer will value you for offering it.

Go get your blog on.

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