Six of one…

Politics has caught onto blogging big time. Kathy Kiely writes a lengthy article in USA Today:

“Veterans of the political scene admit they’re having some trouble adjusting. “When I first got up here, I thought blogging was an Irish dance,” says Tricia Enright, a longtime Capitol Hill press secretary who earlier this year became communications director for Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean. She quickly became a blog believer. Dean, whom bloggers like to cite as Exhibit A of the impact of the medium, runs a blog, hosts other blogs, raises money on blogs and gets ideas from blogs. [as does Democratic underdog contender Dennis Kucinich]

“It is literally like an instant focus group,” Enright says, referring to a small-group polling technique candidates use to gauge voters’ reactions to their ideas. “It does change the way you do things.”

Yeah, they’re talking about politics. But change a few nouns and the truth stands for business just as easily.

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