Share personal anecdotes in your corporate blog

You’re doing great things at your company. Finding new ways to serve your customers . And of course you’re telling your prospects and customers about these things in your corporate blog.

But remember, readers love hearing about you personally. How things in your personal life lead you to consider ways to serve them better. In Bill Marriott’s blog you’ll see that he regularly weaves personal experiences into his posts, even talking about his family, his grandchildren, and so on.

If you fear you’d be giving away your privacy, consider that there are many things you can tell about your personal life. Even if you’re not the owner of a vast hotel chain talking about staying at some fine hotel somewhere, still your experiences as a business owner or executive very often relate in some way to your work life–and talking about them won’t necessarily invite the papparazzi to invade your world. There are always dozens of occurrences in the course of a week at work that can bring sparkle and intensity to your blog content–sometimes especially if the experience is negative.

You wouldn’t hide every negative thing from a colleague. Think of your readers as colleagues and write to them as you would talk to your business associates. Use the same principles of privacy and decorum and common sense in both situations.

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