What's really going on with your customers?

You can always write about the positive happenings at your company or in your professional life as part of your business/corporate blog. But sometimes it pays to talk openly about what’s missing–like what customers are unhappy about in your industry.

A couple of guys writing in the Harvard Business review have done a wonderful job of examining that elusive thing called customer satisfaction. They posit that CRM (customer relationship management) software is actually hurting levels of customer satisfaction. They’ve invented a new term for an old concept–CEM (Customer Experience Management)–which means actually asking the customer how s/he feels about each experience with your company. Wrote my monthly GetMoreCustomers newsletter on specific ways CEM differs from CRM  

Now writing in your blog about that sort of thing takes courage–but believe me, it’s the kind of thing that will get you more attention than almost anything. And more loyalty from customers who feel you’re truly working to make a difference in their experience. So take the bullet between your teeth and go for it–the HBR guys promise that, done right, it improves your bottom line.

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