What it takes to write a corporate blog

Writing in your corporate blog is a commitment. It takes perseverance. It often takes imagination, as you cast about for suitable material. It takes creative energy to convert the events of ordinary business days into material that will interest your readers. It takes being interested yourself in order to make your blog interesting. Of course, it helps if you’re a high-profile, high-ranking executive at your company; your position alone attracts readers (and often lots of comments from readers who want to be associated in some small way with your power and prestige).

It’s nice to see that a midwest university engaged in a research project to understand what makes corporate blogs effective. One of the most important ways to get your blog known is to read and comment on other blogs in the same topic areas. This adds another element of time to the process of publishing a corporate blog. Very important to consider the time required when choosing who will write your blog. More on this later.

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