Take a page from the Big Guys

Even if you’re not like Google–with pockets deep enough that you’re able to scout out and buy just about anybody out there whose stuff you take a shine to–you can still take a page out of their play book.

Google is out to terrorize Microsoft. First, they bought a program called Writely that “competes” with MS Word®–and Microsoft would be right to be worried. I can tell you I’ve already set up a significant portion of my collaborative projects out on their new online software Google Docs and Spreadsheets–it makes it so easy to share information and have more than one person make changes/suggestions, etc. without having to constantly email different versions back and forth. And, folks, it’s free. I had already tried several options for similar functionality, paid for them, and found them lacking. So far, I’m satisfied just fine with Google’s stuff.

Anyway, now Google’s negotiating with a Korean maker to possibly buy its MS-Office®-like suite. If they do (though the article indicates the Korean maker isn’t anxious to give up total control but is looking rather for an alliance), Microsoft’s halls are gonna be dancing up and down for quite a while.

The point for your corporate blog is that if you have any feature, service or extra of any kind that rivals what a big-name competitor does, write about it and use the big-namer’s name. A colleague of mine has been creating brilliant ideas non-stop for several years, but recently he found one that he’s marketing as a competitor to Google’s Adwords–just using the giant’s name in his campaign automatically gives his service more credibility. You can do the same. Think creatively about how your product/service is different from/alike to the big guys–and take a little free ride of their mountains of advertising output.

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