Search engine optimization and blogs

Fortune Small Business magazine tells a story of how small businesses with limited marketing budgets are using multiple marketing options successfully on the web.

Allen Cohen writes that the most popular approach–in the face of rising keyword bid costs–is to combine some keyword bidding at selected search engines with optimizing your pages via keyword-rich content.

Caution: make sure you track your results with the bidding approach. You’ll save money by analyzing your results and pruning your list of keywords. One retail businessperson says: “…the most likely sales come from users who either type a specific phrase into a search engine, such as a product name or niche, or type a broad term and then wade through listings. Traffic from terms like “luggage” do not convert well, while phrases like “Hartmann luggage” do.” The way to do it: bid lower on broad terms and focus on specific, less expensive keywords for your higher spending. You can still be near No. 1, but it will cost less and you’ll get more targeted traffic. Overture has a free utility you can use to track your keyword bidding process.

So here’s an idea. Why not build a blog for each of your major specific search terms? Talk about optimizing with keyword-rich content. That, by their very nature, is exactly what blogs do–fill your pages with fresh, constantly updated relevant information that contains repeated instances of your important keyword phrases.

To those who celebrate Christmas, we hope you had a good one yesterday.

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