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Ziff Davis, make of highly respected technology-related publications, writes this week in its online Channel Zone article by Kendra Lee that you ought to consider your techies as part of your sales team–and teach them how to recognize sales leads during their work.

Absolutely right. I worked for a highly successful software company that did this instinctively. For the really big prospects, they’d take the tech VP and the director of programming along on later sales calls–because they knew unequivocably they’d be facing not only the prospects’ execs but also their tech team.

While most of their salespeople were quite conversant with many of the tech details of the software, because prospects often wanted customizing, there would be questions that only the programming side would know the answers to.

Let’s see. Regular communication between the sales staff and the tech side through one or more blogs (possibly topic-related) could yield powerful insights on both sides. Then perhaps share some of that interchange in a public blog that prospects at large can see (resulting potentially in less need for explanations later on sales calls).

Could be worth working out.

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