PIck a headline

When you’re looking for ways to put valuable content into your corporate blog, sometimes you need look no further than the nearest headline that’s delivered to your inbox.

The reason?–because all businesses experience similar challenges. When the headlines are about how a megacorporation like Schering-Plough has to pay $435 Million for admitting multiple violations of the law, the topic you might want to address in your blog that day is corporate ethics. The angle you can take is about how your company handles difficult challenges such as the temptation to market a product that’s not up to par. What do you do in a situation like that?

If you don’t know the answer, it could be the start of a valuable internal discussion with your staff–everyone from your executives to your frontline people–about what the company’s values are and how you expect staff to live by them. You might even consider telling your blog readers about the process you follow.

That’s the kind meat that makes a blog powerful. The trick is to write about it honestly and appropriately. Email me with questions.

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