Corporate blogs: Not for every company – yet

Before you dismiss the idea of a corporate blog, consider the benefits. But equally important, before you dive in headfirst, remember the demands that publishing a corporate blog puts on you and your company/brand. As Peter Blackshaw at ClickZ Experts says:

“Successful blogging rests on devoted principles of interactivity, informality, real-time listening, rapid legal review, and the ability to process feedback in a timely manner. Most companies and brands just aren’t there yet.”

The commitment to a corporate blog is nothing less than a commitment to cultural change–visible vs. incognito for all the sides of your company. Vulnerable vs. defended. Glass house vs. brick walls.

More companies will begin to adopt this philosophy when they are able to see that those who do so not only succeed but in fact thrive on the change. That revenues don’t just stay steady (who wants to undertake such a vast and seemingly risky change only to stay where you are?) but grow significantly. Fortunatley, ClickZ is in the business of measuring this stuff, so watch their reports.

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