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Excellent post by a Forrester Research blogger Charlene Li about what makes for a successful corporate blog. I bet you’d never have guessed that she’s talking about generosity.

How the heck does being generous relate to writing a corporate blog? Giving sound advice, sharing news and information and insights, being free with links to other sources, and so on are important components. To build even a small network of loyal readers it’s essential to do all those things frequently.

Then she writes about how Dell’s new blog is functioning. Here’s a good read on how they’re using their ability to moderate comments (control what people add to your blog posts):

“…80% get posted, 18% get redirected to customer service, and only 2% are deleted because they were ‘off topic.’ And most importantly, they are directly addressing areas of key concern like customer service problems, bloatware, and yes, even the famous “flaming notebook”.

That’s another secret to a successful corporate blog: talk about what customers really care about, even if it doesn’t reflect on you all that well. And then, of course, address those concerns head on.

It takes generosity, and it takes courage. Not for the faint of heart is it to undertake a corporate blog. For many companies, it requires a re-thinking of the entire corporate culture. Generosity, courage, and trust are among the keywords for companies that want to succeed in the new millennium.

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