Count on your emotions

Yes, it’s been thought, said, and demonstrated for most of history that people make decisions emotionally rather than rationally. Now the new science called neuroeconomics is putting hard scientific evidence behind the theory.

Found the link to this story on the Heartmath newsletter. (I’ve written before about Heartmath here.) Their Freeze-Framer feedback system helps you get your heart into what they call “coherence”–a condition that’s dramatically positive for your health, your creativity, and your frame of mind.

But the key is that this information is a powerful reason to set up and commit to publishing your corporate blog. “People store memories of emotions,” says the article. If you can keep your readers engaged with stories, you’re creating emotions that they’ll remember when the time comes to buy something from you, to increase the share of business they give you, or when they want to learn something new about the types of products and services you provide.

Positive memories among your customers and prospects about your company can come from corporate blog stories that are delivered with feeling from your own heart and with thought about the feelings of your readers. Neuroeconomics is building the case to give you permission to tap your genuine emotions in your business strategies.

In my book, it’s a wonderful time to be a business person.

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