Cutting costs is good blog stuff

Your corporate blog can be a real bear. When your brain just isn’t registering something worth writing, what do you do? You can’t let it go too long. or you risk losing your readership. So let’s examine one of the tricks you can use to jog yourself.

One way to break your “writer’s block”–and yes, it’s very similar to what professional writers run into at times–is to just start writing. Sometimes the very act of starting to think “out loud” (well, on paper at least) can get your brain going in the right direction. After all, you are an expert in this area (if you’re not, you’d better have good resources who are), so your brain is full of knowledge. And sharing knowledge is what the best blog entries are about–no matter what the subject.

Say you’re a manufacturer who makes widgets. Yesterday you wrote about how the global market was affecting your supply chain–and thus the customer’s price. Today your brain is blank. Well, what about what happened down in parts today? Did your parts person face a new challenge today? Did a customer demand something unusual? How did you handle it? Did you make a decision that couldn’t be avoided? Did you think of some way to get around additional cost and still make your customer happy?

Remember, when you think about things like this, understand that savvy customers are GLAD when you think of ways to save money. Because if you’re the ethical business person they believe you to be (and they believe that in spades when you write a blog), they know that when you keep costs down, you can pass along the benefit to them by not raising prices. Everybody in business knows that keeping costs and prices down is big.

Your customers are smart. They’ll love you for thinking creatively to save money. Tell ‘em about it in your blog when you do.

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