Your guide to corporate blogging

When I started this blog back in 2003, my intention was to tell the world about this great new tool for business. And that’s what I did for the first several months. But then I began to use this blog as a forum for news and views on many aspects of business–leadership, customer service, marketing, and so on.

It’s time now to narrow the focus once again. Blogging has at last been accepted among mainstream media and has made such inroads into business that I’ve decided to begin presenting here my take on the qualities of a good corporate/professional blog. How to choose topics, how to present information, how to maximize exposure (we’ll talk to SEO experts and publishers of wildly popular business blogs). Let’s start with this from ClickZ on how a Jupiter Research blogger feels you should approach your blog.

Because this technology is still young and its place in your arsenal of public relations tools is new, there’s much to be learned about corporate blogging for business. I’m happy to be your guide.

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