Going After Google – Forbes.com

In case you had any lingering doubt about the size of the market for Internet search advertising, let it fade away now: “Forrester Research says [it] will grow to $11.6 billion by 2010 from $7 billion this year.”

While Google lords it over Yahoo! and MSN–60% of its first-quarter earnings, or $1.3 billion, came from advertising on Google-owned sites, and most of those ads appear in searches–Microsoft is sinking $1.1 billion in to R&D to bring its MSN group a higher spot in the game. Imagine spending $34 million advertising your stuff and you’re still only third.

But let’s face it. Who knows what marvelous technology advance is going to come along that we all simply can’t live without–and who knows who’s going to discover it and capitalize on it. The game is always up for grabs. Read the rest here.

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