Blogging for money – and a couple of good biz blogs

I usually write about using blogs to promote your business. But some people out there write about actually making money from your blog–also an inviting idea.

Jim Kukral’s been helping people make money with blogs for a while. I knew about his cool BlogKits concept, but I just discovered one of his efforts called ReveNews (short for Online Revenue News and Opinions). He writes here about how the media only follows the money, when really there are all kinds of good reasons to blog. I’m certainly with him on that–in spirit and in practice. And I think I’ll add to my link list of worthwhile kindred blogs.

I’m adding Jim’s ReveNews, where lots of different bloggers contribute, and Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends where you’ll learn a lot about what’s going on in today’s small biz marketplace.

If you don’t already knows these folks, take a read and get acquainted.

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