Strategize for business "health"–not just profits

The Japanese have for decades focused on the ten-year picture for their businesses. Years ago when for a short while I worked at a Honda car dealership, I was stunned to see two Japanese representatives from Honda visiting our used car lot to look at used Hondas that were 4 and 5 years old. Why? They wanted to see what things had gone wrong with them so that the cars they were building then would be sure to address those issues.

That’s attention to the big picture–unheard of at American automakers back then (and apparently still not important to some). Here’s a good article from talking about how companies are like people: you can be in good shape to run the race today, but what kind of shape will you be in to meet the physical challenges of ten years from now?

Very soon I’m going to be recommending audio and video sources that give extra dimension to the topics covered here. Look for this new feature later this week.

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