Wireless mobility new employee perk

Public access to wireless connectivity is not the rarity it once was. In fact, tech-savvy business people are beginning to expect it.

Capital One–they offer busness credit cards with miles that apply on any frequent flyer program, so they’re already a step ahead of many competitors–is now proving itself a forward thinker in the area of employee motivation.

Lots of companies have given their sales staff wireless laptops, but Capital One doesn’t think that’s going far enough. It’s gradually building wireless working conditions in for ll of its employees, says this recent Information Week article.

I love this part–Capital One isn’t putting a price on its initiative. They just know it’s a good thing to do–there’s plenty of information available about what today’s young (and savvy older) workers are looking for in job satisfaction. As always, money is up there, but it’s seldom ranked #1 in priorities, so Capital One execs are opening their eyes to other options that are easy–and fairly high profile, I might add.

If you want to be seen as a cutting-edge company and a cool place to work, you could hardly come up with a better way than creating a totally wireless working environment. That alone sets your organization apart–it bespeaks the kind of open-mindedness in upper management thinking that results in just what appeals to today’s knowledge worker–flexibility and freedom.

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