Technology tricky–but coming along

Yes, I’m sure those of you who read this blog will be delighted to learn that after downloading a free trial copy of a highly recommended third-party program that’s supposed to make using my contact database on the Treo phone much easier and faster, the wonderful Documents to Go again started misbehaving.

So, seeing that I am out of town and not able to remove the program and synch it clear, I have decided to do my writing in the Memos program. Gets clunky, and I had to have Ellen email me the documents I wanted to work on so I could recover them from the mail server and copy them to a local computer, but okay, I got some work done anyway. But holy mackerel, what was I thinking by buying the Treo 650 when it’s so new? I’ve worked for enough software companies to know that you should never buy the first edition–it’s always full of bugs that the company didn’t have time to work out. That’s why software companies invented beta testing! They could get their customers to help them work out the bugs–but of course, the customers won, too, because they got the program for free. Oh, well.

All that being said, I am getting very attached to this Treo. I LOVE being able to pick up my email anywhere, anytime, without searching for wifi or carrying a laptop–it’s a way to be truly mobile without sacrificing the fast response we like to give our customers and prospects.

Now I just gotta make myself a regular reminder alarm to call my office phone regularly and check for messages. I get so carried away–feeling with the Treo email that I’m so “in touch”–I sometimes forget that people who are in a hurry tend to use the telephone.

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