Waste not–but do dump dead PC stuff appropriately

Hey, Blogger! Just lost a post for no apparent reason… Grrr.

Okay, the post was about disposing of old PC equipment in an environmentally acceptable way. I know I regularly junk up my office because I don’t know exactly what to do with hardware I’ve outgrown.

Security is a huge issue these days. But did you know that tons of hard drives are discarded every day that still contain reconstructable mission-critical data? Okay, so you’re not a corporate giant whose garbage is patrolled by cybercrooks just waiting for your throw-aways. But they’re saying the day isn’t far off when it’s going to be so easy to pirate data this way that even the average Joe and Jane will need to be concerend.

So, short of taking a sledgehammer to your old drives like some guys do, what can you do? Check this out–lots of big companies must have figured out a profit motive for becoming recyclers because a number of them have regular programs in place. Check ‘em out here.

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