Technology triumph (?)

Well, I was able to use my Treo phone to write and send a photo-blog yesterday. It wasn’t perfect (lost my writing a couple of times–maybe I just didn’t know how to get back when I was forced to go and reactivate the wireless keyboard several times), but it did get through.

You are not going to believe this. The program Documents to Go, which comes on the CD with the Treo phone, was a critical reason that I bought the Treo. It has also been the source of all the aggravation I’ve been having with the phone operation. I can’t go over again how frustrating it has been (you can read previous posts if you like), but suffice it to say, the last PalmOne rep I talked to (who originally wanted us to go through the same damn process–including hard resetting which dumps all your data and extra programs–that we’d already been through multiple times) told me I could call DataViz (makers of the program).

Why no one ever suggested this before is hard to grasp–DataViz charges for support and I presume the reps were trying to avoid having the customer incur charges for something that should have worked in the first place. At any rate, Ellen called DataViz and the guy, who said he could tell us what to do without charging us (though if he walked through it with us he would have to charge) said, “Oh, we finished that patch ages ago. All you have to do is download the latest version of Documents to Go, and I bet we’ll never hear another word from you.”

… (a moment of silence) …

How does one react appropriately to this kind of lack of communication on the part of PalmOne and Verizon regarding serious issues with the latest version of their flagship product?

I haven’t decided yet. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share.

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