Tech resolution? Almost

So at last. After a final 4 hours on the telephone (during which the Verizon reps–who are very well trained in customer service, by the way–persuaded me that I should not return my Treo phone)… After having spent hours and hours over two and a half weeks of working with reps who did not really know what to do–who mostly seemed just to blindly followed various sets of written instructions (much as I and my assistant and my tech guy had also done several times)…

After removing, re-adding, re-configuring, resetting, resetting, and then hard resetting and doing it again–and continuing not to solve anything–I came across someone (a PalmOne support rep named Anna) who demonstrated from the second moment I talked to her that, not only did she know what she was doing, but she was going to show me exactly what was wrong—-and, without question, fix it for me.

I almost can’t stand to write about it anymore because I’m so tired of it all, but I’m typing this entry from the famed often-failing machine and it seems to be working fine. I confess I was beginning to despair of that ever happening—-despite the hours, the multiple support calls, the endless efforts to remove, repair, reinstall, and so on.

I wrote the above last Friday. As of yesterday, everything on the phone itself is still working EXCEPT now the wireless keyboard–also made by PalmOne–will not work with the Treo. Have downloaded and reinstalled the latest keyboard driver at least 8 times over the last couple of weeks; the keyboard works right after each reinstall. But then I turn it off and go away and the next time I try to use it, the keyboard will not work.

Does anyone else have this problem? ANOTHER session on the phone staring me down on this first day back to work after a long weekend…

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