Ongoing internal debate about technology

Can’t understand why the Treo is acting funny in a different way now. I’m typing away on my wireless keyboard and inexplicably the light goes dim. Then suddenly it turns off in the middle of working. It hasn’t done that before, so this feels like a whole new issue.

What is it like to live in a world where you don’t have to battle technology? Of course, you don’t have the advantages of it–like being mobile with your work and in contact wherever you are (if you so choose–but that’s a topic for another time).

So I thought I had reached the stage where I could write and edit documents while sitting on the floor doing bunny time–which would be a good thing: Angelina gets her petting and I can get stuff done. But after spending many hours trying to get the documents, the email, the wireless keyboard, and the rest to work simultaneously, now I have to face this strange fading light and sudden blackout stuff.

I guess we’ll see. No patience tonight to start the troubleshooting process again. Been through it too many times in the last week. (Strange, when I touch the screen, the light gets stronger again…. hmmm.) Sounds a little psycho, doesn’t it? Or paranoid maybe. Who knows. Do machines have a personality that can become scarred and dysfunctional like us people? I know, it sounds silly. But when you look at how not long ago we didn’t believe, for example, that trees and plants having “feelings” and now we’ve learned that they can and do react to external stimuli such as talking, it makes you wonder.

Yes, I know. Technology is created by humankind; plants are from the Universe. Well, maybe the question will be answered one day when we’re all long gone. For now, I think it’s safe to assume anything is possible.

And this morning, Documents to Go is once again causing a system reboot everytime I try to open a document. You know, I just may be bringing this Treo phone back to Verizon Wireless today.

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