Technology versus productivity

Man, I have been so frustrated with trying to get my new Treo 650 phone fully set up and functioning. The glitches and software bugs and funny little issues have eaten up hours of productive time. I’ve been bitching about it to people all week long.

So I thought I’d do a little research. Here’s a good study done at MIT Sloan School of Management that says, it’s a paradox that with the incredible increase in information technology, our actual productivity isn’t going up. Makes sense to me. We were talking about this last night and somebody said, yeah, look at the server crashes and hard drive crashes that happen regularly. Yes, I agreed that can be a pretty terrible loss of critical business information. Then It occurred to me that the only way that sort of thing ever happened in the pre-IT days was if your building burned down and all your files in it. How often did that happen? Once in 20 years? Never? Yes most businesses today suffer crippling losses of data quite often.

I track my time each week. Now, not only was I paying my assistant’s time all week to do all the learning curve stuff on the Treo, but in addition I’ve logged nearly two whole days’ worth of time dealing with this. And I just discovered that we’re back where we started–some programs seem to be incompatible with others and so one or more become unusable.

And the whole purpose of this exercise is precisely so that I can be more productive. Sigh.

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