Positive emotions = health = productivity

The evidence is in, and it’s conclusive. Heartmath.org is a site full of scientific research findings about the strength of the heart for creating health.

Yep, that’s right. Your heart can create good health–and you can control it. This is revolutionary stuff that huge corporations like Hewlett Packard are paying big bucks to put their executives through.

And recently they simplified the measuring apparatus to the extent that you can buy one for at home or office.

Here’s how it works: You stick a sensor on your finger and can view a moving image of your heart rhythms. If you’re stressed, the pattern is erratic and freaked-out looking. But in 30 seconds or less, by focusing on a positive emotion–love, caring, appreciation, anything like that–you can change that pattern to a smooth even one.

And in the process you are lowering bad hormones, increasing good ones, changing your electrical output, and so on and so on. It’s almost miraculous–but it’s absolutely solid science.

I’ve been waiting for the day–and it is upon us. No more need to be embarrassed to talk about the value of emotions for productivity at work, etc. The evidence is in.

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