Well, well, well – Venture Capitalists love the Internet again

The game has changed since the big bust back in the late 90s. This NYTimes article says:

“In 1999, a Web site that drew millions of visitors had a hard time turning those visitors into profits. Now the same site can do a robust business selling advertising as companies large and small collectively pour billions into Internet marketing.”

Fascinating. Big monies are changing hands because the broadband has made the Internet so quick and easy and accessible that the new name of the game is “advertising”–and any entrepreneur smart enough to be able to generate a ton of traffic is ripe for a buyout–sometimes by the big guns like Google and Yahoo.

Thus we have the growth of search engine optimization–which is really a new branch of direct marketing/advertising. Companies in that sector, too, are scrambling to buy each other out both to eliminate competition and to build critical mass in revenues–it becomes a high-margin, repeat business once you’ve acquired and set up a customer.

Isn’t it fun being alive at a time when everything around you changes in the time it takes you to order a whole-grain roll and a latte? ” )

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