Pictures with everything – single-use digicams

Getting pictures to go with your ad/website/newsletter/etc. used to be a huge deal. Now that digital cameras are becoming ubiquitous, it’s a snap–though of course the quality on most is far below the standards for film.

But people are getting conditioned to seeing–and accepting–photos that aren’t high-resolution. It’s what’s in the picture that counts for most of us for most purposes (though I use that screen saver from Microsoft that rotates through your own “My Pictures” folder and I gotta tell ya, when a good high-res photo comes up, I’m mesmerized, even though the display is only 72 dpi, the quality of the original still shines through). But anyway, Daniel Greenberg writers in the Washington Post about rentable, single-use digital cameras (25 pictures–the store processes them onto a CD for you).

“The camera itself feels fairly rugged and seems simple to operate, with an automatic flash and a timer. The color display is great for checking whether you want to keep or delete a photo–which we often did, thanks to slight shutter lag that left many shots misaligned (although this lag was, surprisingly, less than on some pricier cameras).”

With the explosion of photo-sharing software and programs that let you email pictures to your blog, I predict we’re going to see more and more photos everywhere on the Internet–people love to look at pictures and now that it’s incredibly easy to make ‘em and pass ‘em around, businesses should begin to take advantage of that fact.

What should you photograph? Well, for example, just a picture of a customer service rep could be an exciting subject–somebody your readers talk to but never get to see. How about the CEO’s dog? I mean, what you’re trying to do is engage people–pique their curiosity, etc. Think about what YOU would enjoy seeing on your vendor’s website–let your own thoughts be your guide.

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