Poor corporate ethics show no favoritism

If we think the stockholders at Enron and other high-profile corporate cheaters got hurt, what about disabled people in the Washington, DC area who rely on a subsidized public access bus service to get to work–and their buses often arrive hours late or don’t show up at all?Washington Post reports this bus company is lying about its on-time statistics–and getting paid BIG performance bonuses for its “great” service.

Well, congratulations to some of the disabled–some of whom lost jobs because these buses consistently didn’t get them to work on time–who have decided to sue. But what a shame it takes that kind of upheaval in so many lives to bring the shoddy performance and the misrepresentations and the lies to light.

Who ARE the people who can lie so outrageously and accept money for services not rendered? Who raised them? Is this a case of whatever the head honcho says, people who want to keep their jobs just close their eyes? No wonder Adolph Hitler could do what he did. Can fear make cowards and liars of us all?

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