The East setting the standard again

Fantastic news for music-loving drivers. If you haven’t yet heard much about XM radio, get ready to be overwhelmed. It’s the next big thing for sure. And now Hyundai is the first automaker to launch XM Satellite Radio as standard, factory-installed equipment in every vehicle across its entire model line-up.

Where the Japanese–and increasingly, the Koreans–go, so usually go the rest of us. the first time I heard about XM radio, I was drooling. What with the generally uninspring–and sometimes downright crappy–music being played on mainstream radio today, somebody had to give us an alternative eventually. The folks who invented XM are doing a great job so far. Here’s a site that’s got XM fans exchanging info with each other.

Use the free trial to try a lot of the different XM stations. You’ll find a tremendous variety (with some variation in quality), but generally you get a whole lot more worth listening to than on your regular car radio.

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