Air traffic up, forecast is dim–Europe owning US carriers?

Japan and other countries own a substantial portion of the United States national debt, according to my financial advisor. A little scary to think what might happen if they all decided to call it in at the same time.

And other financial guys are saying air traffic is going up (faster, in fact, than capacity), but as indvidual fares continue to drop and interest and taxes don’t, the airlines are headed for serious red ink in a couple of years. Now comes the European Union insisting they should be allowed to fully own some of the U.S. air carriers that are looking for investments.

I’m a great believer that the leveling effects of globalization are all-told a good thing. But I can just imagine how hard it might be for a CEO and board of directors to give up control of their company to a foreign investor–unless of course the financial rewards were so sweet the pain would fade quickly.

Would we passengers experience a change in customer service–good or bad? What about prices? I don’t know, but I think that executives in more and more countries are all beginning to think more alike than not. Maybe it just won’t matter after all.

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