Who's minding the corporate conscience?

Individual states in this country (many with Democratic attorneys general) seem to be watchdogging federal statutes more often than federal agencies lately. So if you’re a drug company or a broker or other corporation that is responsible to the public, a power plant or other potential polluter whose operations might be violating a “green” law, you could be seeing more state prosecutors stepping in to protect ethics and the environment where “federal regulators have fallen down on the job. Very interesting article tracing the history of state involvement.

Didn’t realize that we had this additional method of checking and balancing our government. It’s a good thing. Corporate ethics are already under the microscope in a lot of well-respected companies.

And given the fact that the world is getting smaller and smaller, resources are becoming more portable (so no country has a lock on anything), and our environment is having to support more and more and more of us, it seems only a matter of time before our own self-interest–and even survival–will coincide nicely with the best interests of the planet.

RANKING 99 – Even though giant utility companies might seem a far cry from what you do, you small and midsize businesses have precisely the same level of responsibility for running your operations with respect for the environment and integrity towards your employees and your customers. While the state or the feds might never catch you, quantum physics tells us that the behaviors–and even the attitudes–of every one of us make a difference in the world. Believe it, even if you can’t see it.

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