Money talks louder

Speaking about believing in what you do in your business… I’m a great proponent of identifying your true voice–the voice of your deepest truest self–and speaking in it to promote your business. The theory is that if you believe deeply in what you are doing, you need only speak through appropriate channels (newsletters, blogs, etc.) to make your marketing effective. I was struck by this story today.

Scientists at Iowa State University are working to see how they can increase the cold resistance of certain plants. Experiments with genetically engineering the plants to kick in their natural protective mechanism are promising–so far they’ve worked with corn and with tobacco.

Interesting choices, especially the tobacco. Guess there’s still a thriving market out there for tobacco products in spite of rising societal disapproval and increasingly stern government warnings. Not sure how the owners and executives of the tobacco companies sleep at night, but after writing a white paper on the subject of asthma, I learned a lot about damaged lungs. While I was writing that paper, I happened to catch an old movie called The Insider, which talks about the former head of research at a tobacco company who finally came clean and taped a report for 60 Minutes about how they were covering up their knowledge of the dangers of tobacco.

Read more here on oh-the-many methods by which smoking damages human beings. I guess at something like $56 a carton in New Jersey, somebody’s makin’ a lot of money…

Happy new year, B4B readers. Here’s to your good night’s sleep.

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