Succession planning for publications

Love this idea: finding a worthy competitor to carry on when your company is gone.

I’d been subscribing to an inspiring magazine called Hope for the last year and suddenly I got another one in the mail called Ode. Started reading it–and feeling a bit hooked–when I finally read the letter. It said that although Hope was ceasing publication (they didn’t say why, but I would love to know), they were going to complete my subscription with issues of Ode and hoped I’d be pleased.

Well, I am. This magazine Ode originates in Holland, and I’m receiving its recently initiated English-language version. So now I’m getting similarly inspiring stories (cell-phone-talking drivers more dangerous than legally drunk drivers; English becoming international–but now becoming mixed with many other dialects–and in the future, speakers of “just” English will be less skilled; a simple idea that will change the world: removing the ‘limited liability’ provision for corporations, etc.).

Anyway, the smooth transition to the new publication made it fairly painless for me as a subscriber. The new magazine is even more helpful for me to hear firsthand how other countries view various developments in the world, and it’s introduced me to the most exciting new idea in “haute” cuisine: vegetables. As a gourmet cook who doesn’t each much meat, this is incredibly exciting news. Check out Ode; it’s a good ‘un.

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