Help! How to hire when you gotta get some

How did your business do this year? Let’s’ face it: the dailiness of running a small business takes a lot of time. And for whatever number of hours you also perform the work–as opposed to working on the business–you increase the time invested exponentially. So it really pays to hire the right people.

How do you choose the right person for a job? Is liking someone a good reason? It helps if you do, but it’s hardly the way to judge a person’s capabilities fairly. And disliking is sufficient reason not to hire someone, but not if you dislike the person for his or her color, gender, religious preferences, etc.

The big corporations have batteries of tests they administer–and the open-ended questions the professional HR people ask are pretty effective at uncovering attitudes or biases that might cause problems in a corporate environment. But a small business is a different breed of cat.

First you have to figure out what the legal entanglements are. Read some FAQs on the niceties of hiring. Here’s the IRS site on necessary forms for hiring employees.

Then you’ll want to know how to go about it. It ain’t easy, folks. And it’s a huge responsibility to have someone working for you. So make sure you need an employee as opposed to a contractor. (Beware here–the IRS recently began cracking down on calling someone a contractor when he or she really fits the definition of employee–they work the hours you say and do what you tell them, rather than performing the job somewhat independently.) Here’s a simply written checklist of things to do to hire a new employee.

However you decide to approach it, feeling overwhelmed more than a day or two at a time is a sign you need some help. Go ahead. Wish yourself a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) and expand your possibilities.

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