Business code of conduct challenged

Ethics. Boy, we thought we had problems before. Enron was a pimple on the rear of the universe compared to what lies ahead with bioengineering…

Now comes a group called the Union of Concerned Scientists calling together a panel of experts to discuss the frighteningly real dangers of growing crops bioengineered to produce drugs. It’s impossible to control where seeds and other bits of bioengineered stuff will blow when crops like that are grown outdoors. It’s nature’s way of spreading whatever is growing–by wind, by rain, by bee and by bird. You can’t expect the rigged stuff to be any different.

The UCS and the panelists are calling for a ban on growing these crops outside. Keep ‘em in enclosed, controlled environments, they say.

Unless their call is heeded, you and I and our kids could soon be serving generous helpings of unknown drugs in our next bowl of cornflakes. Read more.

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