Security threats are jumping the fences now

Oh, brother. As if we didn’t have enough junk with hundreds of virus-laden emails arriving in our inboxes every day, now comes The Sans Institute, a place that provides training in security announcing that new technology makes it possible for a trusted website to get infected with malicious content that jumps from a website that happens to be open in another browser window on your machine.

Read Peter Coffee’s rant on where this latest security invasion might lead us–a separate machine for every application–just the opposite of what we’ve been trying to accomplish all these decades. Sigh.

I ask you, who are the people doing this and what exactly is their ROI on this sort of skulduggery? Who benefits, besides anti-virus software people and possibly security consultants? It hardly seems possible that these people would be spending their spare time inventing pervasively evil code so they’ll have more work to do. If this is teenagers with not enough to do, we’ve got some societal issues to work on. And if it’s a psycho, well, I guess we can be grateful he’s not focusing on chemical warfare.

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