Cleveland entrepreneurs take to the airwaves

Tune your radio to WERE 1300 AM on this Tuesday, December 7th from 8-9 AM. e-Ventus Corporation’s Managing Partner, Joseph LaMantia will join Don Larson & Jeff Chaney on the hot new show “Capitalist Cleveland.”

Mr. LaMantia is the latest in a series of guests lined up for this new entrepreneurial adventure to pepper Cleveland airwaves with pithy pointers sure to pique your interest in at least 3 things:

1. How might you use the services of the guest speaker’s company?
2. Who’s that fiery Larson interviewer guy, and where can you meet him?
2. What the heck is Northcoast Entrepreneurs and who thought up the name Gorilla Group?

e-Ventus makes a couple of different products–the website is full of information. “Mx SC” is a portal that lets suppliers see critical demand, inventory and performance information that helps them do their jobs better. The site describes it as a “B2B lean supply solution that energizes the supply chain through web technology. MxSC has been fully integrated with the Glovia® system.”

Check out e-Ventus, and for heaven’s sake, turn your radio on tomorrow morning. These guys are bursting with entrepreneurial passion.

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