PC security at issue again

Now the weirdos are using websites and ads to spread computer viruses. What next? Will our thoughts become infectable?

And now the star search engine, of all folks, has created a new security risk. Google’s new search tool brings its powerful search technology to your own home ground–and pokes a significant hole in the security of your computer. The article says it’s not Google’s fault, though–that your computer shouldn’t be saving the encrypted, private pages that this tool will find if you’re looking.

I’ll tell you, if those of us who don’t allocate much budget money to security started worrying about every new threat, we wouldn’t be sleeping well most nights. I confess I’m a little like the ostrich with my head in the sand on this one–I figure no one’s going to be interested enough in my stuff to bother to hack me. But this business of infecting people with viruses simply for visiting a website seems like going over the edge–so maybe even long-necked animals like myself might have to start spending for “protection.”

Geez, the mob never had it so good.

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