Chinese wireless competitor a sign of the times

In China, where land-based wired telephony pretty much stinks (unreliable or plain non-existent connections), a wireless company has to meet severe demands–cheap, high-tech reliable connectivity for millions of Chinese whose only choice is wireless, according to a news note in the latest Fast Company magazine. The Chinese firm that’s meeting those demands, Ningbo Bird, is now meeting similar demands in 28 other countries–and is on its way to the U.S.

We in the U.S. have long been dominant in many areas of technology, but as other countries move aggressively to participate in the global economy–and the needs of their people force tech companies to invent better ways–new competition begins rising to the top. The power of desperation is something most U.S. companies don’t know much about. But it’s something an increasing number of American workers are learning about, and it’s changing the face of the marketplace.

Just as the workers learn to live with this new sense of discomfort and urgency, so many U.S. companies must begin to look at what it means to them as well. We’ve been talking about the global marketplace for a decade…now it’s taking up permanent residence in our own backyards. This is a time that calls for all-out effort from our best creative minds–and good will from all that extends far beyond the feel-good merriment of a season.

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