Feds want to track every college student . . . for life

The writer describes this story as “jaw-droppingly big.” In a move that represents tremendous potential for abuse, says Poynter Online, a journalists’ resource site, the Dept. of Education is considering asking–nay, requiring–colleges to provide tons of private information about every single student who enrolls, no matter where and how many places he or she enrolls–and for the right to keep it all on file indefinitely.

We’re talking about grades here and even how much tuition a student pays–whether they’re paying full price, are on scholarship, or are just “getting a deal” for some other reason. College performance for federally funded schools may be relevant; highly questionable whether this could be justified in private schools. The ability to protect such private information from wrong use is always suspect.

It seems fair to speculate whether the next area to be tracked might include businesses that benefit in any way from federal funds–and then maybe even those who don’t.

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