Hong Kong keeps Chinese flavor – money the real issue?

The political geography of Asia is somewhat a mystery to me most of the time, but I was struck by this article saying that Hong Kong (which is apparently governed by China) has developed enough of an independent stance that it holds elections. However, their “Basic Law” (apparently a Chinese connection) does not allow them to elect their chief governing officer or other important leaders. Hmmm.

Anyway, there seemed to have been a hue and cry this past year for more democracy–giving the right to vote to all citizens–but in the actual event, voters did not give such a mandate.Hong Kong’s people, according to this Economist article, are most concerned about their economy and showed by their voting that felt they believe the old order will do a better job of improving their individual lots in life. And letting everyone vote is definitely out.

From the perspective of U.S. business, we might have to agree that China is doing a lot of things right–or we wouldn’t be seeing their products everywhere we look. I wonder if, without actually naming “parties,” the folks of Hong Kong are self-separating very much as we do here on either side of the same issue: money and how much of it you get to keep.

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