Wireless Expo shows off virtual trade show format

Attended my first-ever wireless trade show today. Very impressive stuff. You log on and it downloads the Exhibition Hall (where all the vendors have set up their sites); you can sign up for reminders of when certain webcast presentations will begin and then get an email when it’s time to log in to watch/listen/learn (I love that feature). YOu get little notes that pop up if someone sends you a message. You get reminders to visit the vendors (just like brick-and-mortar…well, tear-down-display-and-fake-plant trade shows).

Heard the president (French accent was great) of Texas Instruments expounding on the virtues of their up and coming technologies. Attended a panel discussion on the future of wireless technologies, and then heard a guy carry on about the 802.XX standards and what we should be expecting. Fun and informative.

And by the way you can still join in and see what it’s all about tomorrow. You’ll need to register, but here’s where the show is located: http://wl.unisfair.com

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