Environmentally sound products make new marketing opportunities

Farmers are businesspeople, too, and they need help. In Minnesota they’re getting some from the government in the form legislation that mandates greater use of environmentally friendly renewable fuels such as ethanol to cut gasoline use by 10 to 20 percent, according to the regional publication Agri News. “Renewable fuels, including ethanol and biodiesel, are agriculture’s greatest opportunity,” says Gov. Tim Pawlenty speaking at the Agr-Growth Council meeting last week.

The U.S. is “addicted” to imported oil, says the governor, and ought to be thinking about ways to get out of that rut. It never hurts to have government regulation supporting your move into new markets. The failure of an industry like agriculture–which we all depend on pretty heavily–would really make us have to get creative about solving the resulting crisis.

And if the government is going to get involved, it’s a whole lot better to see it encouraging farmers to begin creating eco-friendly products than paying them not to grow crops.

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